Sugar Dissolving System
    Publish time 2017-12-21 14:29    

Sugar is one of the main ingredient of fruit juice beverage. The process of sugar cane dissolved in water is called sugar dissolving operation. Sugar dissolving system generally contains sugar powder conveying, sugar powder dissolving, syrup sterilizing, syrup filtration& cooling and syrup storage unit, etc. In some circumstances, deaeration treatment to syrup is required. The typical hot dissolving process is using 85water and hold 10 minutes, then to cool hot syrup to required temperature (less than 40) step by step.

The automatic sugar dissolving system is mainly used for the dissolution of sugar, and it is also suitable for the quantitative dissolution of powdered or granular materials such as powder coconut, starch and other instrument additives. At the same time, there are three functions of dissolving, heating (or cooling) and filtering. Because of its characteristic of high speed and high efficiency, it is a necessary process equipment for the production of food and beverage.